Welcome to Jane Gold Jewelry.

My philosophy is simple – Smiles make world a better place.

I believe that every woman, regardless of her style and individuality, desires to look beautiful and special.  That is my mantra for every piece that I create.  Each piece of jewelry is unique and handcrafted with love.

My jewelry is the fruit of my passion for creativity. I design my pieces for women who dare to be different with the intention to make them feel beautiful, one of kind and to bring smiles to their faces.  It is so delightful to see women fall in love with my pieces, to see their eyes sparkle with happiness and joy, it gives life to my work and rewards my efforts.

      I design my jewelry with distinctive details and textures using pearls and semi-precious stones which are set in fine silver, vermeil and gold, using combination of traditional and modern techniques.  When I craft my jewelry, it makes my heart sing with joy.  I believe that this creates positive impact on my creations.

      My journey started as a hobby and gradually flourished into a beautiful occupation that I could never have imagined.

      I was born and raised in Central Asia in a creative family of architects and interior designers.  The place were I grew up often becomes the source of my inspiration and significantly influences my jewelry design.

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